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Newport Coast & Catalina - Robert Hansen

the arts work like a beneficent virus that heals rather than harms as it spreads its unifying powers over our daily lives.  ‚Äč

- Leo Tolstoy, as interpreted by William J. Havlicek, PhD

Why we are here.

Arts and Minds was created as your online Arts publication presenting relevant, thoughtful and inspirational information covering the art scene of Laguna Beach and Orange County at large.

We will highlight what is new, what is important and what will move the community to appreciate all the arts and the inspired people who make it.

You will not have to shuffle through reams of advertisements, advertorials and meaningless self-aggrandization. Instead we will bring you stories that will make you anticipate new ones. 

There will be advertisements but we will present them in an aesthetically appealing and reader-friendly manner, allowing you to enjoy the editorial content as well our valued supporters' messages.

In the coming weeks we will be building this site and bring you articles that, we hope, will inspire you.

We appreciate your feedback and promise to continue growing and improving with your support.

Welcome to our Arts Publication

This is a STREAMING publication; articles will be published continuously.

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